The Chinese Zodiac years are based on the 12-year cycle. Each year has an animal sign attached to it. The calculation was based on the Chinese Lunar calendar. There is a relationship between humans and the 12 zodiac animals. The characteristics of individuals are affected by these animals. Their strengths and weaknesses are also attached to these years.

Animal Sign





You are always aiming for something big. You want only the best. You tend to be very persistent and hardworking. You don’t stop until you get what you want in life.


You are independent, confident, and brave. The only problem is you also tend to be ill-tempered. You have the tendency to kick people out of your way if they don’t help you achieve your goals. You are very competitive, both in good and bad ways.


You seem to be tender, sensitive and loving. You are the type who loves to get along with others and avoid possible confrontations. You also work with speed and efficiency. You tend to be conservative and sometimes, you are not open to new ideas.


You are an intellectual person. You love being mentally challenged. You can also easily tell right from wrong. Most of all, you hate superficial stuff like gossips. The problem is you also tend to avoid things that are fun like parties or even hanging out with friends.


You are overly protective. You don’t want others to get what is yours. You also punish people who do. You are self-assured. You have a hard time developing relationships, but once you do, it could last a lifetime.


You are a very generous person. You love helping those who are in need, especially those closest to your heart. As a result, you are always in deep financial trouble. Be wiser in your decisions to avoid getting stuck financially.


You are cleaver, kind-hearted, hardworking and loving. Don’t go with people who tend to bring negative vibes. You are the type who easily gets influenced by these negativities.


You are enthusiastic and innovative. You don’t settle for anything less. You love to put your best foot forward. At times, you can be arrogant even if you don’t intend to be. Make sure that you work hard in maintaining good relationship with others.


You have the ability to convey your thoughts well. People count on your for enlightenment. You easily gain respect from other people. Sometimes though, you are impatient and narrow-minded.


You are independent and loyal. You can easily find love and make long-lasting relationships. Just don’t let your moodiness get in the way or it could harm your relationships with people.


You will be successful in marriage. You tend to give more to others and less for yourself. You also know how to adjust in various circumstances. Just be careful in being too self-indulgent especially if no eyes are watching.

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